Fanatic was founded in 1981, being on the scene since day one and continues to be one of the leading windsurfing brands worldwide. In 2010 we started Fanatic SUP, profiting from the experience we have in the windsurfing section.

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing Watersport on the planet. Fanatic’s commitment to excellence and exclusive CAD-shaping system has produced a complete line of boards to bring a smile to the face of any level of SUPer. Thanks to earlier progress, our riders have unleashed their style to reach new limits of performance. Race wins from Race Champs like Jake Jensen and Angie Jackson, extreme slab surfing by Kyron Rathbone at the notorious Shipsterns Bluff, boundary-pushing tube-riding from Paul Jackson or Kai Bates and all-round awesomeness from watermen like Arthur Arutkin supply our shaper Sebastian Wenzel with the highest quality R&D input possible.

Thanks to our CAD-design program and over 30-years of experience in the performance windsurfing market, Fanatic has been at the forefront of SUP and creating shapes to slice through liquid like nobody else on this planet.