SUP is the watersport of the future – and the future of SUP is Fanatic. Bringing decades of board-shaping and construction knowledge to a rapidly evolving sport with many newcomers, Fanatic is perfectly positioned with the knowledge of a veteran, the vision of an innovator, and a dedicated mission to build the best paddleboards on the planet. Whether you’re charging surf or charging over the finish line, a Fanatic is what you want to be paddling.

Boards that Work - With a proven fleet of SUP boards already putting smiles on paddlers across the world, Fanatic’s incredibly successful Fly and Ray collections will continue to perform for both experienced paddlers and a newcomers alike. With incredible amounts of time in research and testing dedicated to creating the perfect rocker line, shape and construction. Cutting a smooth line across a glassy lake, or handling the chop of an open bay with ease, our boards are meant to be fun – no matter what.


Boards that Rip - Surf’s your thing? Get stoked – because Fanatic’s got the board for you. The already incredible Fanatic SUP surf line is better than ever, featuring more boards in more sizes. Highly tuned and evolved shapes guarantee to get you in the pocket, laying down the rail and turning like never before. Punchy beach break, peeling point break or outer reef monsters – if there’s a wave, you can catch it with a Fanatic.


Boards that Win - Brand new Falcon Raceboards – tested by some of the best Stand Up Paddlers in the world. Chase Kosterlitz, Olivia Piana as well as Angela and Paul Jackson all win races on Fanatic SUPs – and they’ll keep doing so in 2014. Fast and stable with easy-to-access speed. If you need to win, you need to be on a Falcon.


Legendary shaper Bruce McKee joins Fanatic to shape a complete range of prone surf-shapes. His decades of shaping experience combined with Fanatic’s time-tested construction techniques leave them able to create some of the best Surfboards on the planet. For the days when you don’t need a paddle, grab a Fanatic Surfboard and hit the waves for a pure soul-session.


Boards that go anywhere - 16. That’s the number of inflatable boards available from Fanatic. Whether you want to race, surf, tour, or simply paddle, there’s a Fanatic SUP Inflatable for you. And guess what? They’re stiffer, more responsive, and better than ever. Fanatic’s exclusive Double Layer Technology means you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between an inflatable and a traditional board.